This is a little server used for storing static and uploaded image. It can deal with scaling and formatting.


All image can be accessed with this URL:<name>

As an example, we will use the famous Lenna image:

( Notice that the name here is s/lenna.png )

Sometime you may want a smaller image, maybe display as a little icon. You specity the desired minimum width with the width query argument. For example, the following URL give you a 50x50 image:

The width will get ceiled to the nearest 50, which means

gives you the same result.

You can also convert the format. The following URL gives you an JPG image of 100x100

Notice that without the as thing, all image is given in PNG.

If you get your name wrong and get a 404, you will still get an image.

Notice that query string still apply, even if 404.
Icon made by Madebyoliver is licensed by CC BY 3.0
Lenna: By Original full portrait: "Playmate of the Month". Playboy Magazine. November 1972, photographed by Dwight Hooker.This 512x512 electronic/mechanical scan of a section of the full portrait: Alexander Sawchuk and two others[1] - The USC-SIPI image database, Fair use, Link